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Sangreen Profile

Focusing on offering industrialized agricultural chain solution, Sangreen is keeping being involved in designing and manufacturing various plant-oriented greenhouses with reliable techniques. Sangreen aims to provide one-stop service experience, starting from providing feasibility report to turkey greenhouse solutions including greenhouse full systems with cultivation technical guidance. Holding this tenet, since it’s established, Sangreen has served more than 40 countries and regions with more than 500 ha. greenhouses all over the world.


Meanwhile, Sangreen has developed into full-chain group for its fresh fruit business with two of sub-companies: Jiangsu Greenly Agricultural Techonology Co., Ltd and Henan ZeDi Agricultural Techonology Co., Ltd. Now, in China, Sangreen owns two main fresh fruit production bases with total area around 1,335ha., which are mainly concentrating on the production of special organic vegetables and high-class fresh fruits.