Greenhouse Equipments

Trellising & Tomato Hooks

Trellising System


With trellising system, it's more convenient to make plant' hanging directly in the greenhouse, no need for unnecessary additional work to make extra supporting for the vine crops. It's stable, with good loading and long life time.

Features & Composition:

1System Components: steel wire, reinforcing bars.

2. Hanging Height: depends on the greenhouse size.

3. Range of Application: vine plants (e.g. tomato, cucumber, capsicum).


Tomato Hooks -- Easy to handle, Low labor cost

Tomato hooks form the basic support for long stem plants. We supply hooks completed with twine according to your requirements. These tomato hooks come in 25cm length and all different lengths of twine. The length of the twine in particular is the choice of the grower. We stock hooks with 10m twine and an additional 3m freefall. This freefall is the part of the twine which drops to the floor once the hooks has been hung. An additional option is the so-called Quick Hang System. This model saves about 50% of labor cost.


1. Features: corrosion-resisting, aging-resisting, easy-hanging, labor-cost saving.

2. Product Material: Hot Galvanized Steel.

3. Size: 3mm wire diameter, 250mm length.

4. Hanging Wire Length: 6m,10m,12m,15m nylon wire (can be tailor-made according to the needs).