Greenhouse Equipments

Outside Shading System

Outside-shading -- Good Helper to Cool Your Greenhouse !

Outside-shading System Functions:

 1Adjust light based on crops' demand.

 2. Protect crops from being burnt by the strong sunlight.

 3. Decrease greenhouse indoor temperature.

 4. Mitigate the damage caused by hail.



1. With stable hot-galvanized steel supporting structure above the greenhouse gutter.

2. Fixed/ retractable outside-shading system can be both offered based on the demand.

3. Economical transmission system by wire cable or long-life transmission system by rack & pinion are optional. 

4. Various kinds of outside-shading curtain (50%-85% shading rate) in different materials and colors (white, black, silver) are available based on the crops' demand and certain area's climate.