Greenhouse Equipments

Cooling System

 The Evaporating Cooling Pad & Fan System decreases the temperature by evaporation. It consists of cooling pad, water circling pump system, sealing window for the cooling pad and exhaust fans with large wind volume.

A. The Evaporating Cooling Pad

The Evaporating Cooling Pad is made from specifically engineered cellulose paper that is chemically treated to resist deterioration. The cooling pad is with aluminum-alloy framework and various size of cooling pad are available.

B. Exhaust Fan

As the indivisible partner of the evaporating cooling pad, the exhaust fan exhausts indoor hot air out of the greenhouse.

1. Long anti-corrosion performance with galvanized steel surrounding frame

2. Stable-running and no-deformation galvanized-steel shutters.

3. 380V/50Hz standard power while special motor voltage.