Greenhouse Products

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Better Heat Insulation, Better Energy-saving Running!


1. With agricultural corrugated or double or multi layers hollow polycarbonate sheet cover, the light transmission is 90% for corrugated sheet and 82% for double-layer sheet.

2. UV- protection and anti-drip layers of the polycarbonate sheet offers its long life around 10 years(relying on the different climates) and relates with light transmission efficiency.

3. Suitable for high-value leafy vegetables' production, typically as lettuce, especially in extremely cold or hot area.

4. Completed environment-controlled PC house is available based on the demands and the climates in different regions, which includes shading, natural ventilation, cooling or heating, fertigation, cultivation and auto-control systems etc.

5. To offer ideal growing indoor environment, with effective fertigation system, to speed up the leafy vegetables' production (represented by the various lettuces) and improve its yield.