Greenhouse Products

Nursery Greenhouse

Professional multi-span plastic film seedling cultivation greenhouse


1, Typical multi-span plastic film greenhouse, stable and good-rustproof galvanized steel structure(life time≥20 years).

2, With various agriculture plastic film cover(e.g. PE,PO,F-clean),light transmission is up to 91%; with UV protection and anti-drip layers, 6-7 years long life goes with the film(guarantee 3-5 years relying on how hot the climate is) and tomato gains more comfortable protection against diseases.

3, High economical choice for various corps' nursery, suitable indoor temperature and humidity are offered, being helpfully improve seedling survival rate and its overall output.

4, Customized and various nursery models are offered from movable/fix flat nursery table to EBB flooding nursery table.

5, Completed environment-controlled filmhouse is available based on the demands and the climates in different regions, which includes shading, natural ventilation, cooling, hydroponic growing, cultivation and auto-control systems etc.