Greenhouse Products

Greenhouse Park


1.  Eco-type relaxation and entertainment against harsh natural climate (e.g. extremely hot or cold, fog and haze, persistent rain) and noisy social environment.

2.  New-concept energy-saving modern agricultural business to offer ease and happiness.

3.  Various commercial functions, such as theme park, exhibition and science popularization etc. 


Chief Constitution:

1. Stable hot-dipped galvanized steel structure with long-lifetime.

2.  Large- span open-space-offered structure. 

3.  Glass cladding with elegant appearance.

4.   Environmental control systems under modern greenhouse technology


To ensure offering broad visual experience, the Sight-seeing & Landscape Greenhouse usually adopts large-span structural design, so as the indoor allocation and display of human eco-type landscape would not be blocked by unnecessary indoor structure.


With glass-around cladding, either traditional greenhouse glass wall design or novel glass curtain design, bright interior space gets abundant natural sunshine so as to benefit the green trees and various colorful flowers and make all landscape members such as artificial spring, river and pool be more vivid.


Ease and happy self-complacent feelings could be naturally gained during make shopping, have coffee/tea or just enjoying the sight-seeing in such Sight-seeing & Landscape Greenhouse.